Step profiles / LED step lighting

Step lighting in commercial areas is our core business. Step profiles for stairs in contemporary design, with the latest LED technology, meet the requirements of almost any installation situation.

We primarily serve commercial customers in the fields of cinema, theater, manufacturers of stands, trade fair and shop construction. 

We are the competent partner. From the classic edge profile to the individual lighting solution for staircase lighting.. 

LED step profiles, anodized aluminum

Choose your design of the LED step profile. With illuminated step edge, or with additional lighting to the riser. The aluminum end caps are screwed and adjustable. Standard colors black or silver anodized. Others on request.

SL 1

LED step profile
  • LED step lighting on the edge
  • black or silver
  • Optional with row number
  • End caps aluminum



stair nosing with led
  • Light on the edge
  • LED step lighting for riser
  • Optional with row number
  • End caps aluminum



step lighting
  • Light on the edge
  • Lighting riser
  • non-slip rubber insert
  • Optional with row number
  • End caps aluminum

Step profile BL

LED profile for staircases
  • LED strip on the edge
  • optionally with EL light cord
  • black or silver
  • End caps plastic

Seat row indicators

seat row indicator

Orientation is provided by our illuminated row numbers. Available as additional option. The row numbers are also suitable for installation on wall / seat or on the floor.


The housings are made in black or silver.


Wallprofile  LED

LED profile for walls

Aluminum rail suitable as illuminated ledge for completion between wall and floor.


lightning profile for floors

Installation in corridors, walls or even ceilings. Easy construction.

Aluminum Profile LA

led profile

Profile SP

profile for stairs


customized lamp for staircase

LED power supplies / drivers

Matched to the LED application, indoor or outdoor, the power supplies / drivers are selected. Operation with 230V AC (mains current) or over 230V DC (battery emergency power) is possible. If a dimming is desired, we can supply suitable devices that dim the lights using Dali or DMX signal.

What is to be considered?

In order to avoid falls due to incorrect appearance of the edges, each step edge must be recognizable. The light on stairs must not dazzle or create misleading shadows. Regardless of the other lighting, the function of staircase lighting must be ensured. All ballasts must support 230V AC or DC in the input. Glare on a staircase, the scene area or reflection on the screen should be avoided.

Light for staircases

With our LED step lights 12V or 24V stairs are optimally marked and recognizable. They serve as addition to the emergency lighting. The glare from the staircase light is counteracted by a homogeneous light emission and dimming of the brightness.


The risk of accidents is reduced. By choosing the appropriate color of the light, the system fits into the entire room design. Safe and not disturbing. The edges of steps in public areas are exposed to heavy mechanical loads. In addition, they represent a considerable risk of accident. The edges are optimally characterized by a step profile / stair nosing profile.


Slip-resistant effect and good visual recognition, the safety is significantly increased.

Low energy costs and reduced maintenance costs.

Our Service

As a customer-oriented service company, it is very important to us to offer our customers and partners additional value with our service. The task of assembly is mainly in LED boards and strips, as well as their additional components such as profiles and cooling strips.


Focus on your core business and let us handle the professional assembly of the step profiles.


The following services are reliably and professionally taken care of during assembly (all customized and custom-made)

  • Cutting the flexible LED strips
  • Solder and connect the LED bands
  • Cutting profiles and covers
  • Glueing LED in the housing / step profiles
  • Attaching connection cables and end caps



Final functional tests of the LED systems are a matter of course for us. Only after checking the function and visual inspection, the finished stage lighting is packed and shipped.